STATEWIDE: Oregon is experiencing cold and severe weather across the state, call 2-1-1 or CLICK HERE for information on open shelters and transportation options.

MULTNOMAH COUNTY DONATIONS: Shelters and outreach workers are seeking winter gear donations. For information on what and where to donate, click here.

Aging & People with Disabilities
Adult Day Programs
Adult In Home Respite Care
Adult Out of Home Respite Care
Adult Out of Home Respite Care * Autism Spectrum Disorder
Adult Protective Intervention/Investigation
Adult Residential Facility Complaints
Adult Residential Treatment Facilities
Advance Medical Directives
Advocacy * Disabilities Issues
Age Peer Networking
Age Peer Networking * Mental Health Issues
Aging and Disability Resource Centers
Aging Associations
Aging/Older Adult Support Groups
Case/Care Management * Adults With Disabilities/Health Conditions
Case/Care Management * Children and Youth With Disabilities/Health Conditions
Case/Care Management * Chronic/Severe Mental Illness
Case/Care Management * Deafness
Case/Care Management * Disabilities Issues
Case/Care Management * Hard of Hearing
Case/Care Management * Older Adults
Cavity Prevention Measures * Disabilities Issues
Disability Associations
Disability Awareness Training
Disability Related Center Based Employment
Disability Related Parenting Programs
Disability Related Parenting Programs * Autism Spectrum Disorder
Disability Related Parenting Programs * Deafness
Disability Related Parenting Programs * Veteran/Military Personnel Issues
Disability Related Sports
Disability Related Transportation
Disability Related Transportation * Children and Youth With Disabilities/Health Conditions
Disability Related Transportation * Veterans
Disability Rights Groups
Disability Rights Groups * Blindness
Disability Rights Groups * Veterans
Disability Savings Accounts
Senior Advocacy Groups
Senior Centers
Senior Centers * African American Community
Senior Centers * Native American Community
Senior Community Service Employment Programs
Senior Corps Volunteer Programs
Senior Housing Information and Referral
Senior Housing Information and Referral * African American Community
Senior Ride Programs
Senior Ride Programs * African American Community
Certificates/Forms Assistance * Transgender Individuals
Community Clinics * LGBTQ2+ Issues
Domestic Violence Hotlines * LGBTQ2+ Issues
Gender Identity Counseling
General Crisis Intervention Hotlines * Transgender Individuals
General Medical Care * Transgender Individuals
HIV Testing * LGBTQ2+ Issues
HIV Testing * Transgender Individuals
Identification Cards
Individual Counseling * AIDS/HIV Issues
Individual Counseling * LGBTQ2+ Issues
Internet Information Resources * LGBTQ2+ Issues
Legal Information Services * AIDS/HIV Issues
Legal Information Services * LGBTQ2+ Issues
LGBTQ2+ Advocacy Groups
LGBTQ2+ Advocacy Groups * Older Adult/Aging Issues
LGBTQ2+ Awareness Training
LGBTQ2+ Community Centers
LGBTQ2+ Community Centers * Older Adults
LGBTQ2+ Helplines
LGBTQ2+ Helplines * LGBTQ2+ Youth
LGBTQ2+ Helplines * Older Adults
LGBTQ2+ Helplines * Transgender Individuals
LGBTQ2+ Social Clubs
LGBTQ2+ Support Groups
LGBTQ2+ Support Groups * LGBTQ2+ Youth
LGBTQ2+ Support Groups * Parents of Teens
Mental Health Evaluation * LGBTQ2+ Issues
Mentoring Programs * LGBTQ2+ Issues
Personal Health Care Advocate Services * Transgender Individuals
Physician Referrals * LGBTQ2+ Issues
Records/Licenses/Permits Fee Payment Assistance * Transgender Individuals
Specialized Information and Referral * LGBTQ2+ Issues
Specialized Information and Referral * Transgender Individuals
Suicide Prevention Hotlines * LGBTQ2+ Issues
Suicide Prevention Hotlines * Transgender Individuals
Transgender Hormone Therapy
Transgender Hormone Therapy * Children
Transitional Housing/Shelter * LGBTQ2+ Individuals
Immigrant & Refugee
Case/Care Management * Hispanic/Latino Community
Immigrant Rights Groups
Immigrant/Refugee Employment Programs
Immigrant/Refugee Support Groups
Immigration Detention Centers
Immigration/Naturalization Adjudication Offices
Immigration/Naturalization Adjudication Services
Immigration/Naturalization Adjudication Services * Sexual Assault Issues
Immigration/Naturalization Legal Services
Immigration/Naturalization Legal Services * Cuban Community
Immigration/Naturalization Legal Services * Domestic Violence Issues
Immigration/Naturalization Legal Services * Haitian Community
Immigration/Naturalization Legal Services * Hispanic/Latino Community
Immigration/Naturalization Legal Services * Human Trafficking Issues
Immigration/Naturalization Legal Services * Older Adults
Immigration/Naturalization Legal Services * Sexual Assault Issues
Refugee Resettlement Services
Re-Entry & Post Incarceration
Certificates/Forms Assistance * Ex-Offenders
Criminal History Records
Criminal Record Expungement Assistance
Ex-Offender Counseling
Ex-Offender Employment Programs
Ex-Offender Halfway Houses
Ex-Offender Halfway Houses * Women
Ex-Offender Reentry Programs
Ex-Offender Reentry Programs * Native American Community
Ex-Offender Reentry Programs * Women
Parole * Juvenile Offenders
Prison Library Services
Prisoner Locator Services
Probation * Juvenile Offenders
Veterans & Military Service Members
Case/Care Management * Homeless Veterans
Case/Care Management * Veterans
Cavity Prevention Measures * Veterans
Military Donations/Relief Programs
Military Family Service/Support Centers
Military Family Support Groups
Military Records
Military Transition Assistance Programs
Veteran Employment Programs
Veteran Employment Programs * Women's Issues
Veteran Homes
Veteran Outpatient Clinics
Veteran Reintegration Counseling
Veteran Support Groups
Veteran Support Groups * Native American Community
Veteran Support Groups * Women's Issues
Veteran/Military Health Insurance
Veteran/Military Hotlines
Indigenous & Native American
Case/Care Management * Native American Community
Cavity Prevention Measures * Native American Community
Native American General Assistance
Native American/Tribal Law
Tribal Council Offices
Tribal Offices of Emergency Services
Migrant & Seasonal Farmworkers
Migrant Education Programs
Living with HIV/AIDS
AIDS/HIV Clinics
AIDS/HIV Prevention Counseling
AIDS/HIV Prevention Counseling * Native American Community
Case/Care Management * AIDS/HIV Issues
Cavity Prevention Measures * AIDS/HIV
Health Insurance Premium Assistance * AIDS/HIV
Health/Disability Related Counseling * AIDS/HIV
Health/Disability Related Support Groups * AIDS/HIV Issues
HIV Testing
HIV Testing * LGBTQ2+ Issues
HIV Testing * Native American Community
HIV Testing * Transgender Individuals