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211info is a private, community-based nonprofit organization funded by state and municipal contracts, foundations, donations, and community partners in Oregon and Southwest Washington. 211info serves Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania, and Wahkiakum counties in Washington and the entire of State of Oregon.


211info empowers Oregon and Southwest Washington communities by helping people identify, navigate, and connect with the local resources they need.

Commitment to Equity

211info is dedicated to equity throughout the organization. Equity occurs when all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential and no one is disadvantaged as a result of socially determined circumstances.

Equity recognizes that socioeconomic differences have historically created barriers for people of color, culturally specific communities, and other marginalized populations. 211info recognizes that racial and ethnic disparities are outcomes of existing institutions and policies that structure various systems.

We take initiative to examine our own operations and policies to ensure that equity is threaded throughout the 211info system. To achieve equity in the communities we serve, we must begin internally within our own organization and take a proactive role to create institutional change that addresses disparities.

211info addresses equity by applying an equity lens toward our operational work throughout each organizational department. We are committed to equity, and we will reflect back on our equity statement especially when making decisions that impact our staff, workplace, and the diverse communities we serve.

Equity Teams Accomplishments and Progress:

  • Removed education requirements on job announcements
  • Include wage/salary info on job announcements
  • Added section for pronouns onto job application, email signatures, desk name tags, and in meeting introductions
  • Added race/ethnicity info on applications to monitor and track equitable hiring practices
  • All hiring panels include at least one staff of color
  • Added inclusive identity questions and training on call demographics around race/ethnicity, gender, language, and military status
  • Secures an annual all-staff equity training from community partners from diverse communities
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for equity and inclusion trainings
  • Formed a diverse equity team to help inform on best practices
  • Created 5 year plan and continue to expand and improve
  • Have opportunities for staff of color to share space
  • Ensured all gender/gender inclusive bathrooms when moving into new space
  • Put up signs around inclusion
  • Supply menstrual supplies for all staff in all bathrooms
  • Have MWESBs at the forefront when finding vendors for subcontracting opportunities
  • Set up an underserved communities task force to identify an underserved community and created and set up a pilot program for UCTF-PI’s which is also ongoing: currently partners with UTOPIA PDX for the Annual Pasifika Health Fair
  • Highlighted the need for and created a safe environment/space for difficult conversations
  • Included equity topic on annual performance reviews
  • Created anonymous feedback form for equity concerns/issues
  • Set up an email group for folks to email/address the equity team as a whole
  • Ensures an equity lens is included in all meetings/discussions within teams/departments
  • Conducts an annual all staff equity climate survey
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I had a family who recently arrived here to Portland from Africa and they needed support and resources so I spoke to one of your intake counselors and I want to say that I give her 10 stars. She was very helpful...Thank you for your program and your intake counselors and the work you do. It’s very appreciated. Thank you.

- 211info caller