Umatilla County: Pilot Rock Fire is prompting evacuation orders in Umatilla County. Please click here for up-to-date information on the fire and current evacuation orders.

Emergency Management Team

Our Emergency Management Team works closely with local, state, and regional emergency management organizations to provide a coordinated, cohesive response to statewide emergencies.

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Burning Bans
Disaster Declarations Information
Disaster Donations Coordination
Disaster Loans
Disaster Loans * Agricultural Issues
Disaster Loans * Business Issues
Disaster Preparedness Information
Disaster Related Case Management
Disaster Related Case Management * COVID-19
Disaster Related Cash Grants
Disaster Related Cash Grants * Business Issues
Disaster Related Clothing/Emergency Supplies
Disaster Related Drinking Water
Disaster Related Shelter Services
Disaster Relief/Recovery Organizations
Disaster Service Centers/Hotlines
Disaster Services for Animals
Emergency Communications
Emergency Management Exercises
Emergency Management Organization Complaints * Child Care Issues
Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning
Emergency Preparedness and Response Training
Evacuation Centers
Evacuation Information
Evacuation Transportation
Evaluation for Assistive Technology * Deafness
Extreme Cold Warming Centers
Extreme Heat Advisories/Warnings
Extreme Heat Cooling Centers
Extreme Heat Swimming Facilities
Extreme Weather Shelters
Extreme Weather Shelters * Homeless Couples
Extreme Weather Shelters * Homeless Families
Extreme Weather Shelters * Homeless Men
Extreme Weather Shelters * Homeless Women
Extreme Weather Shelters * Homeless Youth
Fire Advisories
Fire Conditions Bulletins
Fire Prevention Information
Fire Services
High Tide Advisories
High Wind Advisories
Post Disaster Cleanup
Post Disaster Food Services
Post Disaster Food Services * Food Stamps/SNAP Recipients
Post Disaster Housing Assistance
Post Disaster Legal Counseling Services
Post Disaster Mental Health Services
Post Disaster Safety Inspection/Evaluation
Sandbags/Water Diversion Systems
Tsunami Advisories