Umatilla County: Pilot Rock Fire is prompting evacuation orders in Umatilla County. Please click here for up-to-date information on the fire and current evacuation orders.

Baby Clothing
Children's Clothing
Children's Clothing * Foster Children
Clothing Vouchers
General Clothing Provision
General Clothing Provision * AIDS/HIV
General Clothing Provision * At Risk Youth
General Clothing Provision * Homeless Families
General Clothing Provision * Homeless Men
General Clothing Provision * Homeless Women
General Clothing Provision * Homeless Youth
General Clothing Provision * Homelessness Issues
Winter Clothing
Work Clothing
Work Clothing * Homeless Youth
Work Clothing * Women
Household Goods
Bedding/Linen * AIDS/HIV
Bedding/Linen * Homelessness Issues
Bedding/Linen * Infants/Toddlers
Bedding/Linen * Veteran/Military Personnel Issues
Furniture * Infants/Toddlers
Furniture * Newborns
General Appliance Provision
Household Goods Vouchers
Kitchenware * AIDS/HIV
Small Kitchen Appliances
Small Kitchen Appliances * AIDS/HIV
ID Assistance
Identification Cards
Records/Licenses/Permits Fee Payment Assistance
Records/Licenses/Permits Fee Payment Assistance * Homeless Youth
Records/Licenses/Permits Fee Payment Assistance * Transgender Individuals
Records/Licenses/Permits Fee Payment Assistance * Veteran/Military Personnel Issues
Laundry Facilities
Laundry Facilities * AIDS/HIV
Laundry Facilities * Homeless Families
Laundry Facilities * Homeless Men
Laundry Facilities * Homeless Women
Laundry Facilities * Homeless Youth
Laundry Facilities * Pregnant Individuals
Laundry Facilities * Veteran/Military Personnel Issues
Laundry Products
Laundry Vouchers
Personal Hygiene Supplies
Hair and Nail Care
Hair and Nail Care * AIDS/HIV
Hair and Nail Care * Veterans
Personal/Grooming Supplies
Personal/Grooming Supplies * AIDS/HIV
Personal/Grooming Supplies * Homeless Families
Personal/Grooming Supplies * Homeless Youth
Personal/Grooming Supplies * Homelessness Issues
Showers/Bathing Facilities
Public Showers/Baths
Public Showers/Baths * AIDS/HIV
Public Showers/Baths * Homeless Families
Public Showers/Baths * Homeless Men
Public Showers/Baths * Homeless Women
Public Showers/Baths * Homeless Youth
Public Showers/Baths * Pregnant Individuals
Mobile Devices and Internet Access
Discounted Internet Service
Discounted Telephone Service
Mobile Devices
Public Internet Access Sites
Public Internet Access Sites * AIDS/HIV
Public Internet Access Sites * Homeless Women
Public Internet Access Sites * Homeless Youth
Public Libraries
Telephone Facilities
Telephone Facilities * AIDS/HIV
Telephone Facilities * Homeless Families
Telephone Facilities * Homeless Women
Telephone Facilities * Homeless Youth
Telephone Facilities * Pregnant Individuals
Telephone Facilities * Veteran/Military Personnel Issues
Shoes * Foster Children
Shoes * Women
Holiday Programs
Christmas Baskets
Christmas Baskets * Cancer
Christmas Festivals
Christmas Meals
Christmas Meals * Homebound
Christmas Trees
Halloween Events
Holiday Adoption Programs
Holiday Donations
Holiday Gifts/Toys
Holiday Gifts/Toys * Adoption/Foster Care/Kinship Care Issues
Holiday Gifts/Toys * Foster Families
Holiday Gifts/Toys * Transgender Individuals
Thanksgiving Baskets
Thanksgiving Meals
Pet & Animal Care