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The Multnomah County Homeless Family System's Mobile Housing Team (MHT) is a partnership of different agencies working with homeless families to connect them with a Housing Specialist from the Mobile Housing Team to discuss their housing needs. The Mobile Housing Team uses a Service Prioritization Determination Assistance Tool assessment (SPDAT) to determine the risk of a family's situation and their prioritization of services.

211info is the main agency that is placing families into the MHTQ system. Please do not call or walk in to any of the partner agencies, as they will refer back to 211info.

MHT is not an immediate or guaranteed resource and is based on availability of services and individual eligibility.
Eligibility: -Families (any number of adults) with children in their custody under the age of 18 (or plans for reunification with children under 18) or pregnant women in their third trimester of pregnancy
-Must be currently experiencing homelessness (couch-surfing, in a motel, on the streets/in a vehicle, in a shelter or some other place not intended for habitation) OR housed with a FOR CAUSE EVICTION NOTICE (for some type of violation of the rental agreement).

Please note that the MHTQ cannot stop the current eviction or help with current rent due to maintain current housing. MHTQ may be able to help with future housing if the tenants end up vacating current housing due to the eviction. For eviction prevention in current housing seek rental or eviction prevention assistance.

MHTQ is not an immediate resource.
Hours: 24 hours per day / 7 days per week to be added to callback list to complete screening intake assessment
8am-5pm 7 days per week for screening intake assessment

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