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Provides integrated and holistic outpatient alcohol and drug (A&D) services, co-occurring disorder services, services for DUI offenders, gambling treatment, mental health counseling, and cultural activities. Cultural and spiritual health are core elements of service planning.

Participants are placed according to American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) level of care criteria and participate at the least-intrusive level thought to be effective. Co-occurring services are delivered simultaneously with substance use disorder services and include individualized integrated bio/psycho/social/spiritual assessments, individual and group therapy, and safety and crisis planning. Provides referrals to community partners for medication management and persistent mental health issues that the agency is not specialized in providing.

Staff work with community partners to help participants involved with drug court/criminal justice systems, DHS, veterans court, tribal courts and social service systems, federal courts, etc., with re-entry, addressing barriers to housing, employment, education, stigma, and broken trust with family and community. Provides assessments for risk of recidivism, Rent Well classes, life skills groups that address employment and education readiness, parenting classes, navigation of community resources, and service/volunteer opportunities.
58147 Columbia River Highway
Suite C
Saint Helens, OR 97051
Eligibility: Age 18 and older. Provides culturally specific services for the Native American community.

Some services are gender-specific to enhance healing when gender issues need to be addressed, while other services are co-ed.
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
DUII treatment: Monday-Friday 2pm-5pm