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Provides information and referral for the non-medical aspects of blindness including post-secondary scholarship assistance, support to consumer advocates, guide dog information, and some legal information on matters relating to blindness.

Publishes the ACB Braille Forum and facilitates the ACB E-Forum. The ACB Braille Forum is available in braille, large print, digital cartridge, podcasts, email, or downloaded. The ACB E-Forum is available via email, podcast, or can be downloaded from the website.
225 Reinekers Lane
Suite 660
Alexandria, VA 22314
Eligibility: People who are blind or visually impaired. For scholarships, student must be legally blind in both eyes.
Hours: National Hotline: Monday-Friday 11am-2pm
Consumer organization of blind people working together to improve opportunities for the blind and the understanding of blindness by the general public. Helps blind and visually impaired individuals achieve independence and equality by providing information and referral, employment information, literature, scholarship programs, and a blindness-related adaptive equipment store. The Free White Cane Program provides rigid fiberglass canes.
200 E Wells Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Eligibility: Primarily blind and visually impaired individuals, but sighted persons may also join

Free White Cane Program: Must be blind or visually impaired, must be requesting the cane for personal use, and it must have been more than 6 months since a previous white cane request
Hours: Varies by chapter
National office: Monday-Friday 5am-2pm

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