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Provides books (large-print and regular), CDs, and DVDs patrons who cannot visit a library. Services include Books by Mail, Words on Wheels (free delivery of library materials by mail to qualified patrons), and free home delivery. Outreach staff and volunteers help qualified patrons select library materials, and deliveries are scheduled bimonthly.

Provides books to shelters and transitional housing agencies serving people experiencing houselessness. Curates, mails, and delivers books to qualifying Childcare providers. In addition, Mobile and Partner Libraries provide library services to Multnomah County jails, the Donald E Long Juvenile Detention Center and the Columbia River Correctional Institution.

Visiting Voices Volunteer readers visit assisted living and Alzheimer's facilities. Readers come once a week to read to small groups of residents. In addition, Library Outreach provides service to Multnomah County jails, shelters, and coordinates adult literacy programs.
Eligibility: Individuals who experience significant barriers to library service include older adults, homebound people, new immigrants, individuals with disabilities, adult learners, and those experiencing homelessness.
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

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