Calling from an office?

For 211 to work, PBX-style systems need some modifications that are a little complicated; we can’t offer a generic description that would allow a non-technical person to make the changes. The best option is to have an in-house technical staff person or telephone equipment vendor adjust the digit translation tables, using the 911 programming as a template. Once the modifications are made, people in your office will be able to dial 9211 to reach the 211info call center.

Calling from a cell phone?

It’s possible the issue is with the service provider. Currently, 211 is accessible for callers with cell phone service providers. There have been a few instances when cell phone providers will update their telecom platforms and you will no longer be able to dial 211 on your cell phone. It is best if you contact them as they may require some test calling. However, if needed, we can contact them on your behalf to help resolve the issue. 

You will need to provide the following information:

  • From what phone number did you call? (Necessary to address problem with phone carrier)
  • Who is your service provider on that phone?
  • What kind of phone is this?
  • What day and time did you make the call? (the more specific the better)
  • Where were you when you made the call? (The more specific you can be on the address – exact address, cross streets, etc. – the better.)
  • What did you hear when you called? (Dead air? A message? What did it say?)

Calling over WIFI?

Some phones that use VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or WIFI might not be able to reach 211.

If that is the case or if you are still having trouble, please use our toll-free number: 1-866-698-6155.