The 211info Green Team educates, encourages and inspires the staff to reduce, reuse and recycle, both in the workplace and at home.


  • Gained level 1 certification with the City of Portland's Sustainability at Work program

  • Held annual all staff training events with Metro and the City of Portland to learn about recycling

  • Moved pay stubs to a paperless system

  • Created a Green Team bulletin board with recycling information, wildlife sightings journal, bike map and other info for staff

  • Created a clearly labeled and monitored recycling station in the kitchen

  • Distributed under-desk recycling boxes throughout the office

  • Facilitated annual Eco Challenge events to engage staff in changing small habits

  • Held Earth Day events with prizes and fun activities (veggie potluck! "who gives a fork" silverware drive! wildflower seed bombs! reusable mugs for all!)

  • Installed a faucet aerator in the kitchen to reduce water flow

  • Put together "cleaning caddies" for each work station pod with green cleaning solution and a reusable microfiber cloth as an alternative to Clorox wipes

  • Established a scratch paper area by the printer for unused single-sided paper

  • Purchased grabbers so that staff can safety pick up trash on daily walks

  • Placed indoor plants throughout the office to help air quality