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Q: Does the Mobile Housing Team (MHT) place people in shelter?

A: Mobile Housing Team workers may be able to refer families into shelter, but the program is not for shelter. It is a housing program to get families into long term, stable housing with long term supports. Shelter placement is through 211info Family Shelter team. Families who need shelter should be placed on the Mult Co Family Shelter Callback list.
Community Shelters * Homeless Families
Community Shelters * Pregnant Women
Transitional Housing/Shelter * Homeless Families
Transitional Housing/Shelter * Pregnant Women

Families can access the Family Center shelter waitlist without a referral from MHT. If a family is in need of emergency shelter or wants to enter a shelter through the MHTQ, they must still be placed on the MHTQ and the wait time is still several months to speak to a Housing Specialist about being placed into shelter. The MHTQ is not an immediate solution and assistance is not guaranteed.

Q: It's been a few months and no one from the MHT has contacted me yet. What's taking so long?

A: I'm very sorry. The MHT is getting back to people as fast they can but unfortunately they have been overwhelmed with requests and again, assistance isn't guaranteed. I can make sure that you are still on the list and that your contact information is up to date.

Q: What is the Mobile Housing Team Queue (MHTQ)?

A: The MHT is a partnership of different agencies working with homeless families to connect them with a Housing Specialist to discuss their housing needs.

Q: Where am I on the waitlist?

A: The list is not first-come, first-served, so we do not have that information. Also, assistance is not guaranteed once placed on the list.

S: "I'm sorry, but I do not have access to this information. Our Homeless Services Specialists are starting to do callbacks to families to do further intake/screening for that program. If you'd like, I can take down your information and have one of our Homeless Services Specialists follow up with you within 72 hours."

Q: Which agencies and shelters are on the MHT?

A: Agencies: (PLEASE DO NOT contact the other agencies, they will refer back to 211info) - El Programa, NARA, Latino Network,, Human Solutions, JOIN, SEI, NAYA, Portland Homeless Family Solutions (PHFS), IRCO, and 211info. 211info is the only agency taking names for the MHTQ.

Q: Who will contact me? What can I expect when they contact me?

A: A Housing Specialist from the Mobile Housing Team will call you back and ask you some more questions to re-assess your housing situation to determine whether they are able to provide any assistance, including being placed into shelter if that's something the caller wants.

Q: What if the caller is in another county and wants to relocate?

A: A caller must be in Multnomah County to be eligible for the list.
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