So far this year, we have received 210 requests for school supplies. If we are unable to find any local resources for community members, we often times let them know that many schools receive assistance through school supply drives and corporate donations. Parents or caregivers can contact the child's school or school district to find out if they offer school supplies for students in need. Families who identify as homeless can also contact the McKinney-Vento homeless liaison at their school.

I asked 211info staff for some of their back to school tips, here is what they had to say:

“I go through the kids' supplies from the previous year. They tend to have lots of pencils and unused paper that can be re-used. I also go through their socks and clothes to donate what they no longer use.

This year my girls are going to a new school. So I have decided to take them to the school to see the site before school starts so they aren't too anxious.”

“I start with checking the kids School supply list to know what they need, then I check for what we already have. For the supplies that we need to get, I check store ads, including online, to see where I can find the best prices for each item needed. I also check for items throughout the year at thrift stores.”

For more tips, check out the 211info Child Care Newsletter from last year - click here.

To find school supplies, using our online search tool, use the keyword:

School Supplies

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