Katrina is one of our Maternal and Child Health Coordinators here at 211info.

She was recently elected to the Multnomah Education Service District Board of Directors. The vote count was 91.8% for Katrina, with 16,571 votes.

She campaigned on a platform of quality education for all, expanding opportunity for students, school health services, and standing up for vulnerable students.

Thank you Katrina for all of your hard work serving our communities!

I wanted to reach out to just to give a shout out of feedback to Katrina from the MCH line, the health hotline. I’ve been trying to get some stuff figured out, both vaccination and health insurance wise for sometime, and I’ve been doing a big run around through a lot of systems. Katrina’s voice was one of the first ones that I found...She had gotten my voicemails and was trying to reach out. She was really knowledgeable and offered me some great services and resources in my area and really went above and beyond.... It was a very refreshing voice and personality to have. I feel like a lot of times with government stuff it feels like this archetype of the monotonous machine and she really broke that template and trope and was helpful and invested in me as a human. I just wanted to give her a shout of thanks and let management know that she is awesome. I hope you find more people like her. She really cares and that’s cool. Thanks, Katrina, I’ll probably get health insurance now!
— Marion County Caller
211info Admin