We are proud to share that one of our Community Information Specialists, Selina, has recently completed the Developing Equity Leadership through Training and Action (DELTA) Program.

Here is what she has to share:

"This was a 9-month cohort of about 20 people from the state of Oregon in varying positions and organizations. We met for a full day of training once a month. We discussed topics such as Exploring Privilege and Power, Diversity in Recruitment, and Social Determinants of Health/Disparities in Oregon with an end goal of creating and developing a project that we could take back to our organizations and implement. Or at least begin to explore what it will take to reach our Equity visions and goals. We met with various providers and trainers/instructors and dove into training on day one talking about Oregon's very recent History. This captured my attention and gave me an understanding of why Equity and Equity Work is so important.

I entered this program very unsure about what I would learn or how my project would turn out. However, this program opened up all the possibilities and the chance to take a stance against structured oppression and the systemic supremacy culture, where someone like myself couldn't amount to much based on how the structure organizations were built. My project was in conjunction with our Equity Team at 211INFO. We are continuing to work on "Hiring Best Practices" that should be threaded throughout 211info's structure and who and how we hire, from the Board to front line staff to our CEO. Not to discredit anyone's previous hard work but to better fine tune and fit our own Mission statement.

This is the picture I took of self on the day of the graduation and presentation of our projects."

211info Admin